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To finance, co-venture, develop and manage viable quality mining, energy, oil, gas, coal, timber, technology, electrical power plants, modular refineries, LNG chillers and water projects worldwide.


ATLANTIS was founded in 1974 to provide commercial finance and leasing. The company evolved into a capital company providing growth and development capital, financing and alliance venture partners for promising projects in energy, mining, timber, electrical power plants, modular crude refineries and water development. These projects include oil, natural gas, electricity, pipelines, water, agriculture, and technology development and transfer. ATLANTIS has financed, managed, or developed numerous projects in North America, Mexico, Indonesia, South America, Vietnam, Asia and the UK.


Typically, ATLANTIS is approached by professionals in their fields or companies who have a project, or a viable idea, that needs venture capital, development, marketing, financing, alliance and/or joint venture partners. After initial discussion, ATLANTIS is provided detailed technical and business information on the project, and then dialogues with project managers. ATLANTIS reviews in depth and decides rapidly on project acceptance and an initial plan fordevelopment.


    • Venture or seed capital financing.
    • Project finance, capital and management.
    • Assistance in getting second stage financing.
    • Marketing of projects to investors and operators.
    • Commercial Equipment Financing and Capital Leasing.
    • International joint ventures.

  • News
    • South Texas residential home development - JV 115 lots, $7.5 million
    • Iraq drilling contracts and field operations in southern Iraq with Iraqi JV Partner
    • Acquisition of lease acreage in the Permian and Delaware Basins, Texas
    • Mexico Imports - Assist mid market Mexican companies to export goods and services to the United States and other international areas.
    • Electrical Power Plant Joint Venture – Sales, project finance and international marketing with US electrical power turbine plant engineering company. Sales to North America and international markets, with plant costs $5 to $370 million.
    • Trade finance for suppliers and manufacturers selling to China and Asia
    • China, Pakistan BOT water treatment and power projects - Project financing $11 million to $90 million.
    • Indonesian Coal fired generator plant – Joint Venture, VC, Project Finance, coal supply, surplus coal marketing - $250 million plant cost.
    • Central Texas based rock and gravel firm; growth through aggregate ownership with on site plant production. Joint venture is seeking short term project development funds with substantial returns.
    • US,India, China, Yemen, Canada, Pakistan and Vietnam oil and gas, energy and power projects.
    • Oilfield and E&P industry consulting and equipment supply. New and used drilling rigs, components, equipment, and oil field tubular supply.
    • Distribution and marketing of South America logs and wood products. US supply railroad ties.
    • US Real Estate Project Acquisitions – Joint venture for acquiring existing commercial projects, hotels, resorts, $50 million fund.
    • Medical Cold Laser: Completed prototype development, process US FDA approved, and initiating marketing.
    • China Portal: B2B product and technology exchange, with marketing and corporate alliance programs
    • Canadian Gold Mine: Consulting to international gold mining company for project finance, arrange dore and dust gold sales to refineries.