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Atlantis Capital, Inc.

 Atlantis has been in business for over forty four years. Activities are focused on financing, project finance, equipment sales and leasing, consulting and owning investor and management interests in diverse companies. Primary operations include merchant banking services, mergers and acquisitions, oil and gas exploration and development,  crude and gas concessions, commodity and crude product trading, trade finance, project finance and consulting.

The following examples of transactions and projects have been performed by Atlantis since the mid 1970’s in association with such companies as Equico, Ford, General Electric, Associates of North America, banks, private funds and other similar financial and alliance partners. Atlantis also provides access to debt and equity placement, bond underwriting and placement, factoring and accounts receivable financing, venture capital and joint ventures.

The company operates in both domestic and international markets, in real estate, import and export of steel and oil field pipe and tubulars, timber, iron ore, petroleum and other commodity products, venture capital, domestic and international product marketing, loan and lease financing, forfait, and merchant banking. Primary focus for 2019 is in providing engineering and construction on electrical power equipment, petro chemical plants and oil and gas exploration.

Atlantis continues to seek, identify, find and develop business opportunities and relationships on direct, alliance, or co-venture basis.


  • South Texas Real Estate Development JV - 3 mixed use projects, apartments, housing lots, 1000 acre housing. $52 million

  • Mexican Zinc Ore Mine - Under consultation for marketing exports, 20,000 MT/mo.

  • Central America Port Project - Costa Rica --- $27 million.  Advised and consulted to acquisition group, providing feasibility studies and capital and debt solutions.

  • US Public company—Generated private placement for $10 million of debt and equity to serve subsidiary doing international trade finance, $50 million per year, US export based.
  • Steel Products Company, Scotland—Capital formation; initiate, develop and maintain international product sales and marketing; development of drill pipe and tool jointing manufacturing plant with a British steel company, the Economic Development Council of Scotland, and Bank of Scotland using Hughes Tool Company technology. Export interface with Marine Midland Bank, UK.
  • Mexican Manufacturing and retailing company—Offered direct placement for $25 million in United States based financing. The company is listed on the Mexican stock exchange. Atlantis supplied financial consulting for a program having ADR’s in the US and joint venture capital for water projects in Mexico.
  • Heavy oil refiner—Crude and residual product sourcing, marketing and equity consulting on innovative process with worldwide applications.
  • Gravel Mine - Performed initial feasibility studies for 40 million ton Arizona mine. Will provide equipment, engineering support, environmental compliance, capital and sales contract for acquisition partner in joint venture.
  • Consulting to hazardous waste company in refinery services—competition and market appraisal.
  • Financial and market consulting to computer manufacturing company. Arranged $50 million product financing line for worldwide sales. Assisted in capital formation for domestic manufacturing and foreign joint ventures. Located potential joint venture partners in various countries.
  • Oilfield Pipe API heat treating company -- $17 million asset company. Overall management responsibility for plant production and quality control, source and maintain customers, which included major steel mills and trading companies worldwide.
  • Iron Ore Mine—Feasibility analysis, project study, and international sales analysis.
  • Cargo Aircraft company—located for private placement investment bankers and directed bridge financing - $10 million.
  • European Marble Quarry—Provided accounts receivable financing for U.S. subsidiary doing wholesale distribution nationwide.
  • Coal Mining—Arkansas steam coal mining, supervised miners, supplied equipment, performed engineering studies, environmental studies, obtained federal permits, arranged coal sales.
  • Brazilian Timber company—analysis of merger and joint venture parameters for $50 million in assets. Studies of international export market for value and products. Source and obtain orders, both domestic and international.
  • Venezuelan Timber company—Management consulting to US holder of timber and mineral concessions. Services include providing corporate structure, equity and working capital, and developing international export sales and marketing.
  • Financial and management consulting for diversified cartage, transportation, and warehousing company at Port of Houston. Provided credit lines, factoring and computer system integration.
  • Nigerian oil and gas projects—Consultant to owner of Nigerian company. Feasibility studies, capital formation, and engineering consulting. Assisting in joint venture technology and capital partners for privatized projects, such as natural gas liquids and the first private oil refinery. Project size range from $3 to $250 million.
  • Venezuela—Assisting a private investment banking firm to evaluate and sell a visbreaking process to the Venezuelan government, feasibility study, locating possible American and/or Venezuelan capital partners -- $15 million.
  • Computer manufacturer - has design and process capacities from desktop to super computer. Atlantis assisted management in evaluating several areas; one of which is 3-D seismic data processing, GIS applications. Consulting to management for capital, product financing and joint ventures.
  • Oil/Gas vapor recovery - Establishing short term and long term financing for equipment needed to meet EPA fugitive emission recoveries, venture capital. Markets are oil/gas producers such as Pennzoil, Oxy USA, and Oryx.
  • Environmental Remediation and Water Purification—Management consulting and equity generation for joint ventures in US, Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador. Assisting in marketing of product and services.
  • Marine Based Intermodal Cargo Transportation Services company - assisted management in developing capital, feasibility studies for vessel financing for $8.5 million container and truck trailer roll-on/roll-off cargo facility. Gulf of Mexico services US to Mexico.
  • Power Generation, Gas Marketing and Transportation joint venture for Latin America and Indian Ocean area. Asset based financing and equity capital formation on cogeneration or power generation projects, ranging from $2.7 to $125 million.
  • International distributor of gas, power and refining equipment - Financial consulting for US reseller of steel mill in Mexico for export to China, $6 million.
  • Mexican Mining Company - Performed project finance, project feasibility study, equipment studies and gold and platinum marketing for US-Mexican joint venture.
  • Bond Sales Company - Joint venture for selling $1 billion of AAA & AA corporate bond sales. Provided to the original issuer, bond analysis, marketing, and exclusive distribution for both US and foreign sales of SEC registered bonds.
  • German trace element nutrient mixed fertilizer manufacturer - Supplying international sales and distribution with joint venture on related products, urea, sulfur, phosphorus, DAP.
  • Fertilizer and ammonia plants - Joint venture to sell/lease existing foreign facilities, market products to Asia, India, Vietnam and China, and supervise operations.
  • Russian Trade Finance - Management consulting to US/Canada joint venture group having construction and line pipe capacities. Atlantis provided $100 million export trade financing commitment utilizing crude oil purchase/barter capacities. Negotiated for a major Russian oil and gas company to provide loans and/or joint venture partners for Russian oil and gas field infrastructure development and transportation.
  • Venezuelan Joint Venture - Providing equity and management for oilfield and refinery services company in Venezuela.
  • Hungary - Oil Terminal Facilities - Consulted to Hungarian development company to provide feasibility study for funding, technology, upgrading and management of seven terminal locations in Hungary owned by the government for use by the military.
  • Oil Terminal and Transportation Facility for Venezuela - In joint venture with major US engineering company and a fifty year old metal and manufacturing company for the purpose of providing PDVSA a major discharge port facility on the Gulf Coast, with pipeline access and storage facilities. Two major US oil companies are involved; the land purchased and feasibility studies for presentation to oil producing countries and PDVSA are underway.
  • Middle East Oil Concession - Formulating joint venture for American petroleum company to supply technology, capital, drilling, production and transportation for 1 billion barrel oil reserve concession in Middle East. Initial capital requirements $18 to $50 million.
  • Computer manufacturer - has design and process capacities from desktop to super computer. Atlantis assisted management in evaluating several areas; 3-D seismic data processing, GIS applications. Consulted to management for capital, product financing and joint ventures.
  • Vietnam project finance and joint venture - Formation of joint venture for shipbuilding and construction of two shipyards in Vietnam and two repair yards. Will provide capital and technology partners. Supply of minerals and marketing products.
  • Vietnam Urea Project - Arranging for the supply and financing of short term supply of urea while arranging long term supply of 1 million metric tons per year; conducting feasibility study for construction and operation of a new 1 million metric tons per year urea/ammonia plant.
  • Mexican Timber Owner - Consulting and feasibility study conducted to determine best method for exploiting a 14,000 acre pine timber concession, surveyed value over $1 billion dollars USD.
  • Mexican Gold Mine - Performed preliminary reserve analysis to determine optimum mining method to employ on owner's existing shaft mine; recommended mining methods in order to structure joint venture supplying required technology, capital, equipment and export purchase. Estimated value of minerals, $50 million per year in full operation.
  • Italian Investment Group - Offering finance, construction and technology on 50 MW portable power units for use in India.
  • Middle East Joint Venture Group - Organizing joint venture to provide modular 35,000 MT urea plants, with feedstock from Middle East.
  • US OTC Pharmaceutical and UK Aircraft Manufacturing Company - Assisting management to formulate US, Latin America and South America marketing and distribution plans.
  • Water Conservation Company - Organizing alliance group to manage sales, marketing, distribution and construction services to Texas water rights entities, using a patented canal waterway liner process, and petrochemicals and technology supplied by a $10 billion international chemical company.
  • Edu-Performance Canada - Distribution and marketing to middle market and Fortune 1000 companies, supplying high tech interactive Computer based software training via CD ROM and virtual applications in US, Mexico, and South America.
  • Aerospace Shuttle - Assisted Houston based, NASA experienced management to organize capital, alliances and joint ventures for FAA reusable rocket shuttle aircraft capable of low orbit injection, passenger and freight applications.
  • China BOT water treatment and power projects - Project financing $11 million to $90 million.
  • US Midwest based industrial manufacturing firm; $7 million sales with rapid growth; excellent management team; equity financing to support growth and acquisitions.
  • Central Texas based rock and gravel firm; growth through aggregate ownership with on site plant production. The joint venture is expanding mining operations and reserve acquisitions.